Vision Board Creation.

Join my FREE live class where we'll be creating a Vision Board!

It's totally free. Pour yourself a coffee or drink of preference and we'll check in with your goals and dreams as we enter the second half of 2021. (How are we here already?!)

I will be asking you questions to reflect on 4 areas of your life and what you want to manifest more of, and identify what we can joyfully leave in our past.

All you need to begin is a pen and paper. We'll start with reflection and note taking before exploring how we can find imagery that reflects these.

When finalizing your vision board, you can use paper, a piece of board, or recycle a box, or do this digitally!

Traditionally, people would cut images out of magazines, but you could do this on Pinterest as a board, or Canva and have your poster printed, or use beautiful free images from places like Unsplash and print them out.

Personally, I love using markers and drawing! We'll explore all of these options in the class.

See you Thursday, June 3 at 3PM (Pacific Time).